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Morality issues (Jennifer Lawrence case example)

I recently saw the leak of private pictures of various “celebrities” to what does bring to discution various moral issues such as: to be “famous” people should be aware that eventually that will happen if they take photographs or make videos to such it should not affect them emotionally? it´s full and sole responsibility of them? this matters bacause it´s famous people? so waht about regular people how had the same issue but people wasn´t care that much? (are those less important?)

people who see them (photographs and videos) think you just have to take advantage of this “oversight” and then go about your normal life? but particularly I think regardless of who they are, that is … Be someone famous or not consciousness that there must be what is in these times if privacy measures may come to light at any time made.

  It’s up to each person to see or not see anything regarding the privacy of each person … It’s a personal decision, although the conduct of society will we know that most, either by morbid curiosity, to have knowledge of the talk at the time (although that would be great also do with issues of cultural, political, scientific interest, including others besides Showbiz)

Readed that it’s time to decide:

  See the photographs of which so much is said or just reflect and think about other things of ireal nterest as people and society …

  Here the link of some of these “famous” photographs Make your choice… and another set

After click the link you should be able to think it twice before go on… 

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